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Entry #1

Bizarro Designs Main Page...(always under construction)

2007-08-30 13:43:19 by BizarroJoe

Here´s a checklist of my pics in the NG Art Forum. These are not in the Portal, so, if you want a bit more from me, take a dip into these links!
Any comments for them will be welcome!

My failed attempt to win a T-shirt in the HD Sprite contest.
I drew a penis, too.
Just a bunch o´ doodles.
Punch-drunk Tink / Wet-soaked Pixy
And then, I drew a boob.
No, this time neither. ARRRGHH.
C.A.P. #2:
- Header Image
- HoHoHoes!!!
Our Fallen Son Gave His Life For You.
3 sheets of quick sketches.

Comic Super-Heroes:
If you´re guilty, you´re dead.
- He stalks the world´s most dangerous game.
- It helps to be... INVINCIBLE!
- Part man, part machine... All cop.

Screaming Metal.
Taggin'z not really my biz.
She is the toughest fighter (from the future)
Pixie in your PSP
Chicks w/ Dicks=2xFun in PSP
Puffy the Marshmallow Girl (also in PSP)

NG MiniPoster Girl Contest:
It seems like the Art Portal should look like this.
Become a Post Whore and get one of these FREE!

My NG Hip-Hop Art Contest 2010 entry: ATSA WINNA!!!
Stevi3 Nix says words of truth, yo.


-Lewd Cathouse Banners!!!
My cherised first thread... (And, during a lot of time, my one and only.) A homage to kinky imagery at the sex business! One day I'll make some new entries...

-Whore For A Day:
During these days, I become the NG cheapest Art Ho! I draw (or better, scribble) everybody's requests as fast as I can, until I cannot continue!
Whore For A Day
Whore For Another Day
Whore For A Day. Again.
Whore 4 a Day
Now that I have my own scanner and net connection, I'm really excited about how the next will turn out! I'm going to aim for the record...
Whore For A Whole Day
... Which was 18 hours and 32 drawings... Still beatable. But it's a start!
Whore For A Day Sex (I meant SIX)
Whore For A Day 7
If you like what you saw and want me to draw something for you, check the Art Forum often. These are not announced in any way. They just come out of a sudden! When will be the next one?

-The entire Final Fight cast.
At last I've finished it! Here you can find all the characters that appeared in the original Final Fight game, made with pen, paper, and... well, lotsa love?

-The Smile of a Child...
If you ever had to make a picture for a small kid and you can still photo/scan it, post it here!

This was a project for an amateur boardgame. Sadly, it flunked... But well, enjoy the stuff made.

-BizarroJoe's Daily Deal.
Exactly what it says: Some sort of drawing, posted daily. It was discontinued long ago, but who knows, I could resume it someday...

Thanks a lot for visiting.

BTW, buy this:

Bizarro Designs Main Page...(always under construction)


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2014-05-12 09:22:11

Give us a sign!


2014-04-24 21:43:39

We all still love you man!


2013-11-26 10:50:28

.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

send this GUN to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 13 your A TRUE HOMIE


2013-09-29 04:15:54

Please don't be dead. :(


2013-05-25 10:58:34

Never mind false alarm sorry about that.

BizarroJoe responds:



2013-04-21 23:22:16

... Are you alive?

BizarroJoe responds:



2013-01-05 17:07:10

gotta love this illustration

BizarroJoe responds:

Famiry's? It's got a lot of love in it, both to give and take!


2012-02-25 04:38:58

Found you. My favoutire artists finally reappeared. I had lost like 100 favourites.

BizarroJoe responds:

Yay to you, BK!


2012-01-09 18:35:27

*gives scrolling finger a break*

Holy crap..! LONGEST THREAD EVER! D: ... I went to leave a comment on here and scrolled AAAALLLL the way down to the bottom, then realized 'shit! 'leave a comment' is all the way back at the top!!' x_x

How com you're so inactive lately?? :C
Where'd you go, Joe? </3 Sab misses you!

BizarroJoe responds:

And I also missed you...
<:, ]


2011-12-14 07:48:24

you faggot get a life shithead!

BizarroJoe responds:

So much hatred!


2011-08-12 03:36:57

Keep up the fab work Joe, <3
also gota pm me your address at some point in the future... i got some stuff to mail to you :3

BizarroJoe responds:

I'll do, I'll do, just let me sort some stuff first.


2011-07-29 00:23:36

hey papa! and I love this drawn is you drawn ?

BizarroJoe responds:

Which drawn drawn you here, sonny?


2011-06-15 12:25:47

love the pic haha

BizarroJoe responds:

Buy the poster and Famiry will thank you for it!


2011-05-05 11:01:13

XD i was waiting for your review Mr Joe, but i see that you have my animation in you favourites so, im happy with that xD.

BizarroJoe responds:

I'm sorrryyyy!!!
I've been really busy this week!
Esta semana es la Feria del libro local y he tenido que atender el puesto de la librería de mi hermano. Son 9 días en los que tengo que estar ahí, al pie del cañón y volver muy tarde a casa... Y como quería conseguir hacer un dibujito para el portal encima he estado trasnochando...
¡Lo siento mucho, te debo una reseña!
¡Pero muchas gracias por pasarte por aquí, de todos modos!
¡Hasta la próxima!


2011-03-04 18:58:35

Hey Joe are you gonna do another whore for a day?

BizarroJoe responds:

It's not very probable anytime soon...


2011-02-27 01:10:24 90a08b0d96068338f226ef230d53874.jpg i amdde one too, but i suk to draw

BizarroJoe responds:

I recognize you bested me. I salute thee!


2011-02-24 22:38:32 lalaoo/bizarro-jo3 i amdde one too, but i suk to draw

BizarroJoe responds:

I liked it much! If you change the hair to brown, It'll be perfect!


2011-02-17 07:34:09


BizarroJoe responds:



2011-01-11 00:42:56

ok man, anyway thanks the chance. :D

BizarroJoe responds:

I wish you were still with us...


2011-01-05 11:38:50


BizarroJoe responds:



2011-01-03 11:37:02

u make realy good art got to say dude :)

BizarroJoe responds:

Much appreciated, sir!


2010-12-28 00:36:47

Dude, you're one of the best artists on this page. I don't really dig that whole Dickgirl shit, but it's as well drawn as the rest.
About that feet thing (You just wrote they look misplaced, everytime you try): Why don't you draw them like little drops? Youi know, just like the legs just rounder, "stumpier" if you get me.

Anyway: You're a very good artist. The way you simplify human bodies and reduce them to their minimum... is just great

Sorry if my English sounds stupid, I'm drunk, stoned and German

BizarroJoe responds:

Now I'm drawing them somehow, thanks for caring!


2010-12-22 14:13:08

Have my babies

BizarroJoe responds:

Danggit, here goes the clean 100 comments...


2010-12-12 16:46:53

awesome art you do post in forum 14. comment 100

BizarroJoe responds:

Hmm... What do you mean by "Forum 14"...? Is something like the "Area 51" of the NG Forums or something like that? That'd explain why I don't seem to remember...
Indeed, the 100th comment...
... I can only interprete that as a signal of change...
... So long!


2010-12-02 19:06:41

yo mr bizarroJoe i will keep this nice and simple - you're the man who knows how to wield a pencil and your stuff inspires me. Thumbs up mang.

BizarroJoe responds:

My, thank you very much. It's fun you mention the pencil, 'cause I'm working now in trying to ditch it from my work... I mean, I was very dependent on pencil sketches before, but I'm managing to make 100% digital works now.
Obviously, I'm not dissing the pencil, don't get me wrong. But is nice to get the hang of all the media you can get your hands on.
Your support is much appreciated.


2010-12-01 02:29:14

que buenas lineas y perspectivas en tus ultimas, Que nadie te pare el carro !

BizarroJoe responds:

Pues tiene gracia que mentes el carro, porque esta semana parece que me hayan metido un palo en la rueda. (Y no es broma, lo pensé con estas mismas palabras.)
*Aaaay* paciencia. Trataré de relajarme un poco y así hacer que las ideas fluyan más suavemente. Seguro que pasa enseguida, sólo será un pequeño bache.
Cambiando de tema, espero que te lleguen las vacaciones pronto, que a estas alturas el libro animado ese ya te debe haber dejado los riñones al jerez. ¡Una buena animación invernal se impone!
Yo espero intentar hacer una cosita en cuanto acabe con un compromiso.
¡Hasta entonces, cuídate mucho, viejo! ¡Nos vemos!


2010-11-30 16:58:47

Hey I saw your new submission today and you know ... I did not really see this as a surprise that you draw something like that someday on Newgrounds. Who was this dedicated to exactly ? A cake made out highly defined pixels?

BizarroJoe responds:

My, my, Argile...
I prefer to be discreet about her username, yet she doesn't mind about that...
I don't think you know her... She has no submissions and she has only posted in the General Forum. I met her in the NG Radio chat and there is where she told me her little stunt. I thought it'd be awesome to make a picture just for that...
But if you're so curious... She left a comment.
So long!


2010-11-08 23:26:49

My spanish is shit, and my spelling in spanish is even worse, but here goes nothing...
Me geusta tu trabajo, por favor nunca para ascendo tues caricaturas, ...
I hope that came out right...

Also are you familiar with the "memin pinguin" (not sure if I spelt that right). It's a spanish comic book, for some reason your artwork reminds me of it.

That is all,
- Celx

BizarroJoe responds:

Heey, don't worry about it! I'll try to keep making some arts in the future, thanks for caring! And don't worry about using english!

Now, I'd want to thank you for making Bruce's latest video available in Newgrounds. I was very sad about the matter that could never get to the Flash Portal and I got very happy when I saw that in there the other day.
(convenient link)

And about Memín Penguín... I didn't knew about him! Very little is known about mexican comic here in Spain... The only similar character I can remember is Condorito and it is from Chile! I'll try to manage to read some of those... My, doesn't he look like Ebony from "The Spirit"?

Thank you very much for visiting my userpage and for your support!


2010-10-31 14:04:39

No you are really good and I like your penis (the ones you draw).

BizarroJoe responds:

Heheh, ok, ok; I'll try to get some of those as soon as I finish my current duties...
Your support is much appreciated!


2010-10-30 19:22:07

You are good.

BizarroJoe responds:

I'm not really that good. But I try hard.
Thanks for visiting, JBK!


2010-10-29 22:20:37

OH :3 , Yo me paso casi todos los dias por tu pagina Joe, creo que entendi, esa tecnica no es aplicable a la animación :p yo tambien use Corel hace un tiempo, gracias por tu tiempo, besos : <>

BizarroJoe responds:

Ya, sólo funcionaría para algún elemento de fondo o algo que no se moviera mucho y que vaya a ser reutilizado, por que ciertamente, se tarda un siglo en hacer cada dibujo. Para tweening sin embargo, sí sería aplicable... Yo tendía que ponerme manos a la obra y hacer algún pequeño porn loop o así, pero Flash me ha dado tantas frustraciones que me amarga solo el abrir el programa...
Que diferente hubiera sido todo si los tutoriales que hay por ahí hicieran más hincapié en una cosa que es básica para animar en Flash: UNA animación, UNA capa. ¿Te quieres creer que eso es algo que he descubierto recientemente?
También debería hacerme un poco más con las herramientas de dibujo de Flash (O hacerme con Illustrator.), por que importar a Flash a veces también da su trabajo. Como mínimo, hay que corregir todo el color de la ilustración importada. Y como mis dibujos los componen un buen número de objetos, pues hala... Más tiempo por la borda.
Hablar de animación me está dando gana de abrir Flash otra vez... Como que voy a abrir uno de mis proyectos colgados y ver si consigo esta vez que la muñequita respire de forma convincente o algo así... A ver, a ver...
De nada hombre, ha sido un placer. ¡Un abraaaazooo!


2010-10-29 18:19:11

Joe, como configuras la tableta para sacar esas lineas tan hermosas y limpias ?

BizarroJoe responds:

Oh, Dios.
Me parece que llegó el momento de confesar la verdad...
Todavía soy incapaz de dibujar una mierda pinchá en un palo con la tableta. SIGO USANDO EL RATÓN. Yo también quisiera saber una buena configuración para que las líneas no me salgan como si tuviera el Parkinson...
Si aun así, deseas saber como hago el asunto, arriba hay un link (Bueno, lo copio aquí para tu comodidad...) ic/807600/23
Como verás, lo que hago son polígonos de dos lados (Sí, parecen líneas... ¡Pero no lo son, so PO-LÍ-GO-NOS! ¡De 2 lados!) con la herramienta pluma. Y si tengo que recortarlos, creo un par de nodos por donde haya que cortar, los cambio a "asimétrico", elimino un extremo y convierto la curva resultante entre esos dos nodos en recta.
Esto se puede hacer tanto en CorelDRAW como en Freehand sin mayor problema (Imagino que en Illustrator también.). En Flash es un poco más engorroso, por que hay cambiar a la herramienta subselección para retocar los nodos (y luego algo más que ahora he olvidado...). Y en Photoshop ni idea, PS maneja los vectores de forma muy diferente (Para eso Adobe tiene Illustrator, que yo no tengo y que me gustaría probar, que Corel me ha insultado ya bastante...).
Advierto que esta técnica es lenta. Para hacer algo sencillito igual te va bien, pero para algo más complicado vas a necesitar unas cuantas horas (más bien días) para tener un dibujo terminado.
Siento mucho haberte decepcionado... Pero me alegro de todos modos de que te hayas pasado a visitarme. ¡Un placer, viejo!


2010-10-02 19:06:09

Joe i love your style, what do you call it?

BizarroJoe responds:

How do I...? Dunno... I just like to draw that way!
I don't feel like labeling my work now. It's kinda arrogant... Let the audience do it for me. Probably they are the only ones who can come up with an answer anyways.
Thanks for visiting and the supporting words!


2010-09-11 17:24:14

yYu want talk to me Spazkid Hulalaoo and Shadman some time? and me skype: Redfeather64 <3

BizarroJoe responds:

I'd like to, but I don't have a webcam nor I have Skype installed...
I'll definetely have to look into it, 'cause my sociability is now at troll level (The oldschool bridge-type, not the net ones). Thank you anyways for visiting and caring, Paul! So long!


2010-09-10 07:39:40

I've notice that you have been posting less of your other examples in a couple of activity threads in the art forum like doodlage recently but you've been keeping still keeping tabs under the area on certain days ,Have you gotten through of all your doodles from college t?
To be honest however I notice I've been sort of procrastinating myself.

BizarroJoe responds:

Ooph... I'll try to respond you, but I didn't catch the question really well...
Maybe I haven't posted all my campus years doodles, but I'd have very few left unposted and maybe not too good. I have strict rules about what "doodling" is, and I haven't had many chances of just "doodling" in a long time. Yet, I have a pair of them made while at the swimming pool that I wanted to post in the thread.
I'm busy with Art Portal submissions now, but I'm thinking about something special for the Forum. I'll try hard to pull it out (But it's a secret for now...)
Thank you very much for leaving your thoughts here! So long!


2010-09-06 21:09:37


BizarroJoe responds:

(I don't know what to say now... Should I make a homage to Condorito now?)


2010-09-04 21:08:55

draw a penis

BizarroJoe responds:

You mean another one?
Dunno... This one works for you? em/5b689f5e540b736cffeda6c8451004 5d
If you need a vector file or something, just tell me...
So long!


2010-08-16 14:45:55

way to leave us hanging, joe :(

oh wait so did i

BizarroJoe responds:

I'm sorry, pal... You could say we can blame it on the blues... ¬-¬
But now I'm working on tidying my life up again, so I'm confident to show myself again soon... Don't worry, you'll know more of me!
I haven't forgotten about you or any of the staff pals, Will... I'll try to make it up something for you all.
Thank you very much for the tip on the shoulder. It has come in a really appropiate moment. So long!


2010-08-13 08:28:25


BizarroJoe responds:

An anagram for "mo' shit".


2010-08-09 10:17:39


BizarroJoe responds:

???... What collab...?


2010-07-22 17:00:22

Joe, give me your artistic talent NOA! JK, but i was wondering what kind of training your education you have had and how long you've been drawing. Your style just inspires me to draw more and more.

BizarroJoe responds:

Hmm... I don't know if what I'm going to say will satisfy you...
My art education has consisted mainly in major doodling in school hoping the darn thing would get over already. I've been drawing since I was a kid. But I must reckon I've been really lazy sometimes... I try to make some sketches on a daily basis since quite some time now.
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my userpage! Cheer up, dude!


2010-06-06 11:52:49

Nice work on those "whore 4 a day" sketches. I was thinking of trying that, but some peoples requests are just freaking ridiculous!

BizarroJoe responds:

Indeed! But I have the feeling that, If I pass on one of these, I would be bailing out... And I sometimes feel some really bored people are abusing of that, asking for things incredibly stupid or/and complicated.
And then, I feel sorry and guilty for the people that I couldn't get to draw their requests. Maybe they really wanted a doodle really bad, and I couldn't make it because of a lot of silly requests made by guys who haven't thought of that.
I know I devised this to be a challenge. But trying to make as many drawings as you can on the fly during a long period of time is challenging enough.
Anyways, the main responsible of the success/failure of the experience is myself. I can only hope I can learn and improve enough to make it better on a next time, if there's the chance.
Thank you very much for your words of support, Nekow. They are very welcome right now. I'm really glad you liked the thread, too.
... And if you're pondering to try it yourself, remember this:
That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
So long!


2010-05-20 00:00:20

Hi Bizarro Joe, your art came to my atention weeks ago, but usually i don't post things in the main page of the authors of this site becauselooks like the most of people are too busy to comment them, but i can see that you are different!xD
Well im just a guy from chile, who has spend the most of his life trying to become an respetable artist, searching for an unique style of drawing, and now, experimenting in the awesome world of animation... i express myself better in spanish, so sorry people ... mi pregunta es, como con un arte tan unico, quizas un poco perverso pero totalmente encantador e hipnotizante, y con un claramente diestro manejo en el lenguaje de vectores no tienes algun trabajo de animacion exclusivamente tuyo? me encantaria ver tus personajes en movimiento!! mi ilustracion favorita de las tuyas es Teacher's Pet, porfavor si tienes tiempo comenta mi arte o mis animaciones, ke no son la gran cosa pero para mi son grandes logros, ahora mismo estoy trabajando en una animacion que en verdad deseo terminar, es una historia inspirada en un tema de rodrigo y gabriela (espero que los conozcas) llamado paris, historia que obviamente decidi desarrollar en las calles de españa, cuando este listo me encantaria saber tu opinión.

Me encanta tu arte, la forma en que terminan las piernas, los muslos gruesos, las expresiones caricaturezcas, las lineas gruesas y los encantadores modelos femeninos. Es una sintesis bastante... cautivadora y provocativa por asi decirlo, definitivamente un referente para mi... bueno

es lo que queria decir.. suerte con tus futuros proyectos, cya

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

Wow! What a coincidence, I also have been watching your gallery just a few weeks ago! But then you didn't have any animations yet... Congratulations, now you're a step above from me in the food chain!
Your art definetely caught my eye then, I really liked it a lot! You're really patient and skilled if you try to stick with such a detailed style when using Freehand!
As mush I love to write in my mother tongue here in the 'grounds, I can't help feeling that's somewhat rude to the main english-reading audience... That's why I'll talk to you further using the PM function.
Your visit has made me really happy!
Thank you very much for passing by!


2010-05-16 21:36:35


BizarroJoe responds:

??? Sorry, I don't understand... What "Ozzy" are you talking about?


2010-05-06 21:02:25

Hey man what smooth setting is your brush tool at?

BizarroJoe responds:

Hey, I remember you! You drew that cute gamer vampire girl!
What setting...? None... I use the pen tool.
Here you can see how do I do it: ic/807600/23
Sorry if you were expecting another tip... I'm trying to get myself accustomed to tablets now, too. Thank you for passing by and good luck!


2010-04-10 15:30:50

That was a lie.

grr one more time ct/beatles-poster

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

One day I'll have to get a card to make purchases online...
I'd love to have a go at the store.
Anyway and finally, congrats on getting your own product at the store!


2010-04-10 15:29:44

Oh, the link is broken though. lol FIX IT!! ory/print

there's the proper URL.

BizarroJoe responds:

Goddammit...!!! The link URL must have been changed, now it's FIXED.
You did well in telling me, when I checked it now, It really gave me quite a fright!


2010-04-10 15:27:15

Hey, that's really cool of you advertising the poster for me! Thanks, dude!

BizarroJoe responds:

It's a limited-time offer, though.
But I think it's gonna stay there quite some time.
You're welcome!


2010-03-05 17:04:34

Hey macho! tienes un mail! ^^

By the way Awesome style in your work as i tell ya in evry review!
Also, its ture, there are gems in some of those links! Like the Punisher!

BizarroJoe responds:

Everybody seem to like the Punisher. I could go back on him one of these days with a slightly more ambitious illustration.
Now that we've been exchanging PM's it seems rather pointless to keep on ranting except to say thank you for posting here.


2010-02-11 13:51:02

Against yours, the other artworks apear almost boring!
You have a great unice style with a high recall value.
Especially I like the work for the "Heavy Metal" magazine and the T-Shirt (and YES I would wear one - 'cause of the style AND the looks :D )

BizarroJoe responds:

What "other artworks"...? ; D
I really apreciate very much your kind words. I don't forget my works easily, either: I've thought many times to make some sort of mini-comic with the "Heavy Metal" character and the T-shirt is a reference to "Pico's School" (but I didn't knew how much people have get that...), and a topic I'd like to try again.
I hope I can keep making works that you can enjoy. So long!