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Here´s a checklist of my pics in the NG Art Forum. These are not in the Portal, so, if you want a bit more from me, take a dip into these links!
Any comments for them will be welcome!

My failed attempt to win a T-shirt in the HD Sprite contest.
I drew a penis, too.
Just a bunch o´ doodles.
Punch-drunk Tink / Wet-soaked Pixy
And then, I drew a boob.
No, this time neither. ARRRGHH.
C.A.P. #2:
- Header Image
- HoHoHoes!!!
Our Fallen Son Gave His Life For You.
3 sheets of quick sketches.

Comic Super-Heroes:
If you´re guilty, you´re dead.
- He stalks the world´s most dangerous game.
- It helps to be... INVINCIBLE!
- Part man, part machine... All cop.

Screaming Metal.
Taggin'z not really my biz.
She is the toughest fighter (from the future)
Pixie in your PSP
Chicks w/ Dicks=2xFun in PSP
Puffy the Marshmallow Girl (also in PSP)

NG MiniPoster Girl Contest:
It seems like the Art Portal should look like this.
Become a Post Whore and get one of these FREE!

My NG Hip-Hop Art Contest 2010 entry: ATSA WINNA!!!
Stevi3 Nix says words of truth, yo.


-Lewd Cathouse Banners!!!
My cherised first thread... (And, during a lot of time, my one and only.) A homage to kinky imagery at the sex business! One day I'll make some new entries...

-Whore For A Day:
During these days, I become the NG cheapest Art Ho! I draw (or better, scribble) everybody's requests as fast as I can, until I cannot continue!
Whore For A Day
Whore For Another Day
Whore For A Day. Again.
Whore 4 a Day
Now that I have my own scanner and net connection, I'm really excited about how the next will turn out! I'm going to aim for the record...
Whore For A Whole Day
... Which was 18 hours and 32 drawings... Still beatable. But it's a start!
Whore For A Day Sex (I meant SIX)
Whore For A Day 7
If you like what you saw and want me to draw something for you, check the Art Forum often. These are not announced in any way. They just come out of a sudden! When will be the next one?

-The entire Final Fight cast.
At last I've finished it! Here you can find all the characters that appeared in the original Final Fight game, made with pen, paper, and... well, lotsa love?

-The Smile of a Child...
If you ever had to make a picture for a small kid and you can still photo/scan it, post it here!

This was a project for an amateur boardgame. Sadly, it flunked... But well, enjoy the stuff made.

-BizarroJoe's Daily Deal.
Exactly what it says: Some sort of drawing, posted daily. It was discontinued long ago, but who knows, I could resume it someday...

Thanks a lot for visiting.

BTW, buy this:

Bizarro Designs Main Page...(always under construction)

Recent Game Medals

10,715 Points

Bomb 5 Points

Used a bomb

Enemy Down 5 Points

You killed an enemy

Garden of Earthly delights 5 Points

After "Garden of Earthly delights" by Hieronymus Bosch , Just play the game

Special Nude Edition 5 Points

After "The Dance" by Henri Matisse, just play the game

Monstrous Perfection 50 Points

Get a perfect grade on a level in Area 2.

Canine Evasion 5 Points

Successfully hide from a dog while using a jack o' lantern.

Man's Best Friend 50 Points

Survive the pack of wild neighborhood dogs at the end of Area 1.

Air Time 10 Points

Juggle a single enemy in the air with at least 5 hits.

Extreme Extremity 10 Points

Upgrade a perk to its maximum potential.

Mutation In Bulk 10 Points

Equip 3 perks at once.

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Added to planets for Social Planets Jun 28, 2013.

Blocky Beach Babe 02

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Blocky Beach Babe

Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 1, 2011.