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i really like your drawing styles for those hentai chix. (like the one's in punchdrunk tink.)
you should consider making a flash for them. :)

My God... It´s.. It´s this a COMMENT!? You deserve a prize for this, Dook! (But be patient, I´m a busy man and I´m fucking slow when drawing...). Now, seriously, I thought nobody would take a look at this... I appreciate very much your comments, so please feel free to post them whenever you like.
P.S.: And in my upcoming projects... Did you know there´s place in them for a boob that I owe you?
- EDIT: Your boob has been delievered. Hope you enjoy it. (All you people can watch it in Dookiemeister´s IDAB thread.) As for your special prize, you´ll have to wait a little (or a lot, maybe) more, ´cause I´ve told you, I´m FUCKIN´ SLOW.

some really cool work bro. especially your gutter faeries, like sinful powerful girls. I likes.

Thanks a lot, G-Man. You people encourage me to keep on drawing and posting. You will see more of this kind of work, just have some patience, and it will be posted eventually. Stay tuned!
-EDIT: Hey, I just remembered you!!! I´ve seen your work in some threads and you seem to like drawing sexy chicks too... I have some crazy ideas for my first thread and I ´d really love to count with you... Deal?

your work here on ng is really origional and new, I leik all your stuff...which is a good thing!

do moar!

Thanks, man, but your art is more original than mine. My pics are... well, more "origional".
I´ve been busy, but i will post "moar" drawings soon... (He,he...)
Seriously, now, you have my gratitude. I´d like to tell something more interesting, but today´s my brain isn´t working smoothly. Sorry.

Y Olé! Saludos desde la intarwebz! Llegue aquí no me acuerdo por qué y me quedo porque si. :)
Saludos desde Argentina...
...o no?

PD: Muy buen arte!

¡Recatáte, boludo de mierda!, ¿eh? ¿Te haces el malo, gil?
Jaja, lo siento, macho, pero al leer que eras de Argentina, me vino esta frase a la cabeza y la he tenido que soltar... supongo que pillas la referencia...
And now we will switch back to english as a courtesy to our web buddies...
Thanks a lot for your kind words of support. I hope to see you more often in these forums.
... Ah! And greetings from Spain, too...
...or not?

great art style. lots of fun.

good luck with your thread.

This has really put me in a state of pure bliss for hours...
MindChamber, I´m going to work harder from now on. I won´t disappoint you or anyone who has put their words of confidence on my work.
Ah, and thanks for wishing me luck with the thread. I´m going to need it...
But now, seriously, your words really made me happy and I´m going serious with the work part. You really know how to lift a man´s spirit.
Thanks, sincerely.

Nice drawing style, I like the pixie one and the punisher ( great movie, especially the piercing scene) You draw amazingly, I don,t know what style it is but it look a little sweet (in a good way) Ho and nice design on your own tread!

He,he... whoa, thanks a lot... but I´m afraid i´m more like bittersweet sauce. Have you seen the post I dedicated to you?
Oh, The 80´s Punisher movie was much more fun.

Wow! I really like your drawings!

Hey, thanks! But... How did you get to post here? Was there a certain picture that catch your attention?
It´s just that I like to know why exactly people get interested enough to post here...

Yeah! The 1st one I saw! All of your drawings are so good!

Hum... Well... Thanks anyway.
But I sometimes think that I have disappointed you all... There has passed a lot of time since my last worked-up submission (I don´t count the doodles because they were drawn some years ago.) and that really put me in an awfully sad mood... Hopefully, I´m going to change that soon...

oh man, that t shirt design is sweet! i'd wear one, but probably not in public :/

Why? I would. ;D
I tell you, when the weather gets warmer, if I print it, I´ll take a photo of me wearing it with my friends in a public park, school or whatever, just to show you all not to be embarrased of such thing as an innocent pinky tee. What fun is it if you don´t show it off...?
But anyway, I´m glad to see you again here. It seems that the WZL was taking all your time... You got me somewhat worried. Thanks a lot!!!

I really like your art,how long have you been drawing?

Oooff... Long time nobody asked me that... And, as always, I don´t really know what to answer... You could say I was born like that, because I´ve always loved to have a pencil and a paper at reach. As a pre-teen, in the late ´80´s, I draw the screens of my favorite videogames in sheets of paper and I was inspired by them when making paper collages in the Art class, in the elementary school... I also loved toys like Transformers, Masters Of The Universe, and everything that resemble a robot or a monster. I also felt curious about Barbie dolls, but I never showed that to anybody, I was a boy. Nowadays, I find girls´ toys more interesting, like the Bratz dolls...
Gosh, I´ve started digressing, didn´t I? But I thought that would be more satisfiying that a simple "I always been drawing!". Just to please you, I will add that this has always been like a hobby to me (so I´m not a pro in a fan disguise, as some people suspect.) and a few years ago I started to read some serious learnig material in order to improve and start to draw correctly.
I hope you liked this little rant. Wish to read more about you. See you!

I love your art. Wouldn't mind owning some shirts with this stuff on it...especially the boob and punchy Tink.

I can´t believe it. Stamper. First, the Chamber and now, the Stamper. I must be doing something good after all.
I remember the shirt of the kid in "Rebecca". So I shouldn´t be so surprised about your taste in casual clothing.
You know, did you look at the penis pic? After making the boob one, I did that again to match the style perfectly. Now they´d look lovely in the doors of some office toilets... I have to upload that someday.
The weather is getting warmer earlier this year, so if you read the post about the shirt... I´m going serious about that.
It´s a pity I don´t have Internet connection nor PC controller. I´d LOVE to fight you in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike or JoJo no KimyonaBoken. One day I will.
Thanks a lot. Greet all people there for me. Especially the ´Chamber. Gotta love that big boy-o.

You're my god, teach me how to draw like you.

Well... check the "Doodlage" thread and you´ll have an idea, but I don´t recommend it though... I fucked all my student life.


do you sell prints? I'm interested in the conceptual stuff from your Robocop picture

I´m sorry but picture was made for MindChamber, and I can´t give it to you just like that. It´s not mine anymore... Sorry.
Hey, no problem if he lets you use it, though.

Love your art. It looks very professional. I envy you :D

Thanks a lot. I try to do my best for give them that "professional" look. Now I´m trying to ACTUALLY work more professionally. I mean, producing in a more regular pace and that sort of things. Your continued support really helps a lot in that matter, did you know?

Hi i was just wondering if you knew how i could add a Play button to my animation instead of it loading automatically?

also how i can make music start and stop when i want it too cause it seems to just loop.

Oh God... Just when I am tinkering again with Flash you come and make questions about things that I´m trying to figure out myself...

For the first question, I´d suggest you to use the NG preloader. It´s easy, you just make a keyframe on Frame 1(on all the layers, I think.) and put the preloader movieclip. You could also make a Play button, it´s fairly easy, but a full preloader is much better.

I made play and stop music buttons some years ago... But I can´t remember how the heck I made them. Flash has also the option of optimizing sound so you can lower that filesize (along with nice options for making interesting effects with them.) So I suggest you to do what I did then to figure out how to make all that.
Check the Flash Tutorials Collection.
http://www.newgrounds.com/collect ion/flashtutorials
I´ll suggest you Ultimate Tutorial 2 and The Tutorial Collab '06... Those are the best I´ve watched, but check some of the "beginner intended" too, if you like.

I´m truly sorry for not being of more help to you than this... I´ll check my old dress-up to see how I did the buttons, and maybe I´ll tell you on your PM.

i really like your drawings, nice and simple =D

you should try animating im sure andy thing you did would be a instant front page or something.

Oh, how would I love that to happen... But it´s still too hard for me. I´ll try to make some small gadget to get the hang of flash. It won´t get frontpaged but it´ll be nice anyway. Thanks a lot for your support.

cool now I have a reference blog of all your awesome pics! ^_^

It has always been like that! :D
Now I´m working on my "Favourites" section. It´s still under heavy construction (Lots of Flashes, games and some movies missing.), but it´s becoming little by little into a sneak peek inside my mind...

actualy its a lot simpler then i seems, you just seperate your character into simple shapes and build them up

an example here

<a href="http://www.swfup.com/file/183529">http://www.swfup.com/file/183529</a>

the only book you need to buy for now would be prston bliars cartoon aniamtion, it perfectly describes this techniqe for you.

Ok, now I know that I don´t have to recommend that book myself anymore... Everybody seems to know about it already. ;D
Thank you for your interest! But no matter how hard I try, my first flash submitted to the portal will surely be a shit anyway, so I´d better make it and worrying about it... Don´t you think so?
By the way... Isn´t that Chainsaw (the children)?

yeah, its dad from chainsaw the children

dont worry though everyone submits crap at first, hell my first 10 subbmissions were blammed out of exsistence.

but i didnt let that stop me, i just kept making flash till one finaly passed, and all you have to do with each submission is it a little bit btter then the last, And then one day you will be a pro.

Fine... I´ll try to make something when I get to finish all the pile of pics I committed myself to do. You have taken so much interest that I´ll have to PM you when I finally get a flash done!
... and you´ll be DISAPPOINTED then! :D

check out my page

So you can now embed videos from YouTube on Newgrounds. Yawn. What´s the big deal?

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