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2007-08-30 13:43:19 by BizarroJoe

Here´s a checklist of my pics in the NG Art Forum. These are not in the Portal, so, if you want a bit more from me, take a dip into these links!
Any comments for them will be welcome!

My failed attempt to win a T-shirt in the HD Sprite contest.
I drew a penis, too.
Just a bunch o´ doodles.
Punch-drunk Tink / Wet-soaked Pixy
And then, I drew a boob.
No, this time neither. ARRRGHH.
C.A.P. #2:
- Header Image
- HoHoHoes!!!
Our Fallen Son Gave His Life For You.
3 sheets of quick sketches.

Comic Super-Heroes:
If you´re guilty, you´re dead.
- He stalks the world´s most dangerous game.
- It helps to be... INVINCIBLE!
- Part man, part machine... All cop.

Screaming Metal.
Taggin'z not really my biz.
She is the toughest fighter (from the future)
Pixie in your PSP
Chicks w/ Dicks=2xFun in PSP
Puffy the Marshmallow Girl (also in PSP)

NG MiniPoster Girl Contest:
It seems like the Art Portal should look like this.
Become a Post Whore and get one of these FREE!

My NG Hip-Hop Art Contest 2010 entry: ATSA WINNA!!!
Stevi3 Nix says words of truth, yo.


-Lewd Cathouse Banners!!!
My cherised first thread... (And, during a lot of time, my one and only.) A homage to kinky imagery at the sex business! One day I'll make some new entries...

-Whore For A Day:
During these days, I become the NG cheapest Art Ho! I draw (or better, scribble) everybody's requests as fast as I can, until I cannot continue!
Whore For A Day
Whore For Another Day
Whore For A Day. Again.
Whore 4 a Day
Now that I have my own scanner and net connection, I'm really excited about how the next will turn out! I'm going to aim for the record...
Whore For A Whole Day
... Which was 18 hours and 32 drawings... Still beatable. But it's a start!
Whore For A Day Sex (I meant SIX)
Whore For A Day 7
If you like what you saw and want me to draw something for you, check the Art Forum often. These are not announced in any way. They just come out of a sudden! When will be the next one?

-The entire Final Fight cast.
At last I've finished it! Here you can find all the characters that appeared in the original Final Fight game, made with pen, paper, and... well, lotsa love?

-The Smile of a Child...
If you ever had to make a picture for a small kid and you can still photo/scan it, post it here!

This was a project for an amateur boardgame. Sadly, it flunked... But well, enjoy the stuff made.

-BizarroJoe's Daily Deal.
Exactly what it says: Some sort of drawing, posted daily. It was discontinued long ago, but who knows, I could resume it someday...

Thanks a lot for visiting.

BTW, buy this:

Bizarro Designs Main Page...(always under construction)


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2007-09-02 16:34:47

i really like your drawing styles for those hentai chix. (like the one's in punchdrunk tink.)
you should consider making a flash for them. :)

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

My God... It´s.. It´s this a COMMENT!? You deserve a prize for this, Dook! (But be patient, I´m a busy man and I´m fucking slow when drawing...). Now, seriously, I thought nobody would take a look at this... I appreciate very much your comments, so please feel free to post them whenever you like.
P.S.: And in my upcoming projects... Did you know there´s place in them for a boob that I owe you?
- EDIT: Your boob has been delievered. Hope you enjoy it. (All you people can watch it in Dookiemeister´s IDAB thread.) As for your special prize, you´ll have to wait a little (or a lot, maybe) more, ´cause I´ve told you, I´m FUCKIN´ SLOW.


2007-09-05 03:22:43

some really cool work bro. especially your gutter faeries, like sinful powerful girls. I likes.

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

Thanks a lot, G-Man. You people encourage me to keep on drawing and posting. You will see more of this kind of work, just have some patience, and it will be posted eventually. Stay tuned!
-EDIT: Hey, I just remembered you!!! I´ve seen your work in some threads and you seem to like drawing sexy chicks too... I have some crazy ideas for my first thread and I ´d really love to count with you... Deal?


2007-09-07 15:39:16

your work here on ng is really origional and new, I leik all your stuff...which is a good thing!

do moar!

BizarroJoe responds:

Thanks, man, but your art is more original than mine. My pics are... well, more "origional".
I´ve been busy, but i will post "moar" drawings soon... (He,he...)
Seriously, now, you have my gratitude. I´d like to tell something more interesting, but today´s my brain isn´t working smoothly. Sorry.


2007-09-26 19:01:14

Y Olé! Saludos desde la intarwebz! Llegue aquí no me acuerdo por qué y me quedo porque si. :)
Saludos desde Argentina...
...o no?

PD: Muy buen arte!

BizarroJoe responds:

¡Recatáte, boludo de mierda!, ¿eh? ¿Te haces el malo, gil?
Jaja, lo siento, macho, pero al leer que eras de Argentina, me vino esta frase a la cabeza y la he tenido que soltar... supongo que pillas la referencia...
And now we will switch back to english as a courtesy to our web buddies...
Thanks a lot for your kind words of support. I hope to see you more often in these forums.
... Ah! And greetings from Spain, too...
...or not?


2007-10-01 15:38:14

great art style. lots of fun.

good luck with your thread.

BizarroJoe responds:

This has really put me in a state of pure bliss for hours...
MindChamber, I´m going to work harder from now on. I won´t disappoint you or anyone who has put their words of confidence on my work.
Ah, and thanks for wishing me luck with the thread. I´m going to need it...
But now, seriously, your words really made me happy and I´m going serious with the work part. You really know how to lift a man´s spirit.
Thanks, sincerely.


2007-10-03 10:51:07

Nice drawing style, I like the pixie one and the punisher ( great movie, especially the piercing scene) You draw amazingly, I don,t know what style it is but it look a little sweet (in a good way) Ho and nice design on your own tread!

BizarroJoe responds:

He,he... whoa, thanks a lot... but I´m afraid i´m more like bittersweet sauce. Have you seen the post I dedicated to you?
Oh, The 80´s Punisher movie was much more fun.


2007-10-21 11:29:58

Wow! I really like your drawings!

BizarroJoe responds:

Hey, thanks! But... How did you get to post here? Was there a certain picture that catch your attention?
It´s just that I like to know why exactly people get interested enough to post here...


2007-11-17 10:30:58

Yeah! The 1st one I saw! All of your drawings are so good!

BizarroJoe responds:

Hum... Well... Thanks anyway.
But I sometimes think that I have disappointed you all... There has passed a lot of time since my last worked-up submission (I don´t count the doodles because they were drawn some years ago.) and that really put me in an awfully sad mood... Hopefully, I´m going to change that soon...


2007-12-01 02:20:39

oh man, that t shirt design is sweet! i'd wear one, but probably not in public :/

BizarroJoe responds:

Why? I would. ;D
I tell you, when the weather gets warmer, if I print it, I´ll take a photo of me wearing it with my friends in a public park, school or whatever, just to show you all not to be embarrased of such thing as an innocent pinky tee. What fun is it if you don´t show it off...?
But anyway, I´m glad to see you again here. It seems that the WZL was taking all your time... You got me somewhat worried. Thanks a lot!!!


2007-12-08 14:34:58

You have an really splendid style man Especially If it seems to be really suggestive as they go. I'm suprised that you did'nt do any Adult comics because With girls like that outragious of endless curves I think the perverts of the art forum would be crawling all over instantly.
I Have also May have said this about doodles How did you get the ideas for your miniature chibi,Muscle men,Hot chix and the occasional Beasties. I wish I could be able to have some of types of thoughts. Never really understood as to how found so much space to fill on one single peice of school /notebook paper.

BizarroJoe responds:

Thanks for your support. I´m only trying to do my best to improve my skills.
Yes, I´d really like to try out Adult comics. I´m happy you noticed the sexiness on my cutie dolls, because that tells me that I´m on the right lane to succeed in making good avant-garde x-rated books.
"Beastie"... I haven´t seen that word since I read "Lord Of The Flies" in my Campus years... "Suck to your ass-mar!". Haha.
And as I´ve told before, my habit of filling the paper sheets came from old periods of drawing paper shortage. Nothing so special about it.
I´d like to apologize for taking so much time in answering you. Hope to see you again in this place. Godspeed.


2008-01-30 17:43:32

I really like your art,how long have you been drawing?

BizarroJoe responds:

Oooff... Long time nobody asked me that... And, as always, I don´t really know what to answer... You could say I was born like that, because I´ve always loved to have a pencil and a paper at reach. As a pre-teen, in the late ´80´s, I draw the screens of my favorite videogames in sheets of paper and I was inspired by them when making paper collages in the Art class, in the elementary school... I also loved toys like Transformers, Masters Of The Universe, and everything that resemble a robot or a monster. I also felt curious about Barbie dolls, but I never showed that to anybody, I was a boy. Nowadays, I find girls´ toys more interesting, like the Bratz dolls...
Gosh, I´ve started digressing, didn´t I? But I thought that would be more satisfiying that a simple "I always been drawing!". Just to please you, I will add that this has always been like a hobby to me (so I´m not a pro in a fan disguise, as some people suspect.) and a few years ago I started to read some serious learnig material in order to improve and start to draw correctly.
I hope you liked this little rant. Wish to read more about you. See you!


2008-03-02 02:34:20

I love your art. Wouldn't mind owning some shirts with this stuff on it...especially the boob and punchy Tink.

BizarroJoe responds:

I can´t believe it. Stamper. First, the Chamber and now, the Stamper. I must be doing something good after all.
I remember the shirt of the kid in "Rebecca". So I shouldn´t be so surprised about your taste in casual clothing.
You know, did you look at the penis pic? After making the boob one, I did that again to match the style perfectly. Now they´d look lovely in the doors of some office toilets... I have to upload that someday.
The weather is getting warmer earlier this year, so if you read the post about the shirt... I´m going serious about that.
It´s a pity I don´t have Internet connection nor PC controller. I´d LOVE to fight you in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike or JoJo no KimyonaBoken. One day I will.
Thanks a lot. Greet all people there for me. Especially the ´Chamber. Gotta love that big boy-o.


2008-03-07 18:16:36

You're my god, teach me how to draw like you.

BizarroJoe responds:

Well... check the "Doodlage" thread and you´ll have an idea, but I don´t recommend it though... I fucked all my student life.


2008-03-12 20:18:47


do you sell prints? I'm interested in the conceptual stuff from your Robocop picture

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

I´m sorry but picture was made for MindChamber, and I can´t give it to you just like that. It´s not mine anymore... Sorry.
Hey, no problem if he lets you use it, though.


2008-03-13 09:03:05

thats soooooooo hot. touch me k?

BizarroJoe responds:

This guy made three other comments copying and pasting the same sentence a random number of times.
* Aaaaah *, well, thank you for forcing me to learn about the functioning of two commands I´ve never wanted to use:
[delete] and [ban user]


2008-03-29 23:45:13

Love your art. It looks very professional. I envy you :D

BizarroJoe responds:

Thanks a lot. I try to do my best for give them that "professional" look. Now I´m trying to ACTUALLY work more professionally. I mean, producing in a more regular pace and that sort of things. Your continued support really helps a lot in that matter, did you know?


2008-04-09 22:42:33

Hi i was just wondering if you knew how i could add a Play button to my animation instead of it loading automatically?

also how i can make music start and stop when i want it too cause it seems to just loop.

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

Oh God... Just when I am tinkering again with Flash you come and make questions about things that I´m trying to figure out myself...

For the first question, I´d suggest you to use the NG preloader. It´s easy, you just make a keyframe on Frame 1(on all the layers, I think.) and put the preloader movieclip. You could also make a Play button, it´s fairly easy, but a full preloader is much better.

I made play and stop music buttons some years ago... But I can´t remember how the heck I made them. Flash has also the option of optimizing sound so you can lower that filesize (along with nice options for making interesting effects with them.) So I suggest you to do what I did then to figure out how to make all that.
Check the Flash Tutorials Collection. ion/flashtutorials
I´ll suggest you Ultimate Tutorial 2 and The Tutorial Collab '06... Those are the best I´ve watched, but check some of the "beginner intended" too, if you like.

I´m truly sorry for not being of more help to you than this... I´ll check my old dress-up to see how I did the buttons, and maybe I´ll tell you on your PM.


2008-04-11 01:16:15

i really like your drawings, nice and simple =D

you should try animating im sure andy thing you did would be a instant front page or something.

BizarroJoe responds:

Oh, how would I love that to happen... But it´s still too hard for me. I´ll try to make some small gadget to get the hang of flash. It won´t get frontpaged but it´ll be nice anyway. Thanks a lot for your support.


2008-04-11 09:20:40

cool now I have a reference blog of all your awesome pics! ^_^

BizarroJoe responds:

It has always been like that! :D
Now I´m working on my "Favourites" section. It´s still under heavy construction (Lots of Flashes, games and some movies missing.), but it´s becoming little by little into a sneak peek inside my mind...


2008-04-11 09:50:56

actualy its a lot simpler then i seems, you just seperate your character into simple shapes and build them up

an example here

the only book you need to buy for now would be prston bliars cartoon aniamtion, it perfectly describes this techniqe for you.

BizarroJoe responds:

Ok, now I know that I don´t have to recommend that book myself anymore... Everybody seems to know about it already. ;D
Thank you for your interest! But no matter how hard I try, my first flash submitted to the portal will surely be a shit anyway, so I´d better make it and worrying about it... Don´t you think so?
By the way... Isn´t that Chainsaw (the children)?


2008-04-12 12:54:19

yeah, its dad from chainsaw the children

dont worry though everyone submits crap at first, hell my first 10 subbmissions were blammed out of exsistence.

but i didnt let that stop me, i just kept making flash till one finaly passed, and all you have to do with each submission is it a little bit btter then the last, And then one day you will be a pro.

BizarroJoe responds:

Fine... I´ll try to make something when I get to finish all the pile of pics I committed myself to do. You have taken so much interest that I´ll have to PM you when I finally get a flash done!
... and you´ll be DISAPPOINTED then! :D


2008-04-17 08:15:31

check out my page

BizarroJoe responds:

So you can now embed videos from YouTube on Newgrounds. Yawn. What´s the big deal?


2008-04-18 19:00:35

awsome, im glad i convinced you


i dont care if you release one movie per year i care that you make something,hell even if its a loop of a run cycle its better then nothing .

now honeslty after i started animating i couldnt go back to just drawing still pictures , to me animating is like one step below god or one step above depending on how you look at it.

BizarroJoe responds:

I know what you´re talking about... That "I´ve reached a step further!" feeling...
I´ve been busy as hell the last 9 days, and I have a load of pictures to do... So my flash is going to be delayed again... Sorry.


2008-04-24 01:31:29

those Cathouse Banners have to be some of the coolest and most unique pinup gals I've seen in a long while...brilliant, man!

BizarroJoe responds:

Haha... Thanks a lot!
Why don´t you try makin´ one? I´d really love to see it.


2008-05-01 21:30:41

Awww man, I was hoping you were gonna submit a piece for the Pico Day Contest.

It's good to be back, and good to see you're still hanging around here.

BizarroJoe responds:

Me too, me too... But I got this sudden and completely unexpected load of drudgery work from my brother and I had to choose: Try it in a overcrowded contest with a theme I´m going to do eventually anyway or aim for a chance of appearing in a MindChamber production? I decided to cash my chips and try for the second...
But don´t worry about my Pico redesign. I had the idea before the contest, and I´m not gonna leave it just like that. When the day comes, I´ll post my pics (there will be some characters redesigned, you know.) on the "Draw Pico." thread.
Oh, how I missed you, Ol´ Rancher... I´ve listened lots of Ennio Morricone soundtracks thinking of you...


2008-05-02 22:52:35

like i said i dont care if you release an animation only once per year , i just hate to see talent go to waste :)

BizarroJoe responds:

So you´re telling me that making pictures is a waste of time and effort?...
Not yet, not yet... I have a lot of work to do before leaving.
I wish my days had a couple of extra hours or so...


2008-05-08 20:45:33

Woah style :O
You got some incredible artwork with highly original style, keep it up for gods sake!!

you got a deviantart or something??

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

And you´ve got a well-deserved prize from the "Tag Dat Bus" contest... I knew before seeing any entry that you were one of the artists better suited for that thread... One of my ideas was to make one of my chicks with the body painted in your style... (The main trouble is that they have a small torso, so it´s difficult to get some detail in there, but I´ll manage to make that one day... ;] )
Nope, don´t use any of that. I´m Newgrounds-exclusive, bub.
Really happy to see you here. Until we meet again.


2008-05-16 11:59:42

I love those smooth outlines of yours. Awesome stuff.

BizarroJoe responds:

I´ve just watched a bunch of your animations.
And I have to tell you that I really liked them all.
They have a smooth animation, lots of crazy imaginative things, and lovely use of colors...
Sometimes I think about what drives people like you to post in the page of a lowly user who hasn´t been able to get a teeny movie done...
Thank you anyway, and willing to watch and read more from you. Warp me, baby.


2008-05-27 20:20:57

Hehehehehe, boobz.

BizarroJoe responds:

Well, they come in pairs with the full package!
I´d like to upload some with a little extra and cream all over... But I could be banned forever. The Avant-garde porno way is long, harsh and rough... But satisfactory, in the end.
Thanks a lot for leaving your visit card here, It´s quite handy for me to get quickly to your userpages.


2008-06-18 19:35:04

Hi, i just thought that i'd leave you a comment on how awsome your work is, especially in doodlage! i am inspired more to doodle now than ever before and to get it good.

Well i guess wat im trying to say is that im extremly jealous of your talent! good job and contributions man :D

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

Hey, I remember you!!! You´re that Gangsta Hamsta guy!!! Haha...
I always thought that living in a pet cage would be very similar to be locked in a prison cell... And I see that the behaviour of rodents and humans tend to be quite similar when exposed to such an environment... I know because my brother has an Octodon.
Keep up honing your art skills, and you´ll get a living skin graftin' those big, bad mofos. Respect.


2008-06-29 18:40:41

Your art is awesome I wish you would make some art tutorials.

BizarroJoe responds:

I´m the one who could use some tutoring! There´s still a lot for me to learn before starting to give lectures to anybody. Although, I must admit I´ve been tempted to share some advice on very basic things that I feel they´re being overlooked... Well, who knows. Maybe I post something in the future.
Anyway, thank you for the compliments! I´ll try to do my best.


2008-07-02 06:26:01

Hey I hope i'm not wasting my time asking this but Are you still submitting things to the "Doodlage" thread Where you are probally most well known at? Your Female character's are still quite a catch.

When are you usually in for the mood for drawing but how do you motivate yourself to do if you still have the interest in drawing? Because I sometimes I don't practice everyday of the week I'm usually worried about the time spent ,I don't know how to manage my patiance. Thank God there's summer.

BizarroJoe responds:

Don´t worry, I have plenty of stock of my old doodles, so I´ll eventually post them.
The reason why I haven´t posted anything in a long time is that I´m concentrating my efforts in completing some projects of my own... so I´ve pushed myself not to post anything until I have achieved some of them. Example: my try at Vousielle´s style. It´s giving me a real hard time, all my armored soldiers look like iron-clad hideously deformed half-apes!
About motivation... Bfff... I´ve been in a very low mood lately. Still, I try to practice daily. I have the hope that inspiration will eventually come back... Or, even better, I discover the "secret" that will let me produce good pictures anytime, anywhere.
So, I usually draw in my notebook after midnight for an hour or so. But I´m also trying after lunch lately. I´m about to fix two Cathouse Banners that I left unable to finish them because I felt they were not coming out as expected.
So, luckily, everything will be merrier in the future... You just have to hold your ground and when you think you´ve just touched rock bottom... Well, you can´t get lower than that, so, start climbing again.
So, cheer up, mate. Just keep trying.


2008-07-04 07:38:17

lol, sorry for the super late reply, well, not even a reply. But yeah, haven't really been on the internet in ages. Well, still keeping up with stuffs?! And why do you not have a website mate? It sure would help out a-helluva-lot when I'm looking for your artwork.

We should doodle sometime.

BizarroJoe responds:

Glad to see you around here. Right now I´m in the middle of a real trouble and I´m not really myself...
Mice have escaped from its cage and are taking over my uncle´s kitchen. That dumbass uncle of mine has gone on a trip and put these fucking rodents on a cage with a width between bars too wide and he barely covered it with some cardboard and wire... Right now I think there´s only one of them outside and I´ve locked the kitchen so he won´t get out of there. But it seems that he´s not going to let him get caught just like that... It hides under the fridge and the dish washer and I´m all sweaty and angry...
I´m afraid that it´ll be either it or me...
So... As you see, things here are looking really funny from the outside.
Yeah, I´m always dreamt of a website, but it´ll be when I´m capable of producing regurarly. And anyway, I´m happy just being here on the Newgrounds. Until I have a really serious project, I´ll keep that exclusive here... This is like my second home (Or maybe the first.).
I´ll to get in contact with you in the future, now, back to mouse-hunting. Over.


2008-07-20 13:44:35

BizarroJoe...where to start...I simply love your style of art! from the Cathouse banners to the amazing doodles, you simply are an amazing artist! Whenever I'm on an art page I look for the little green bat of yours, which always lets me know when a wonderful piece of art will show up! (unless its someone else thats level 17 and has a neutral aura...) you really have inspired me to keep working on my art skills and I always enjoy your inputs on other peoples art, too! So keep on drawing!

**wow I was scanning through this post for mistakes and i totally didnt notice that the first sentence rhymed!!! I guess ill keep it like that**

BizarroJoe responds:

Yeah, with that beginning you could have saved your comment 'till Xmas.
The "green bat" part got me really puzzled... "My sig is violet and it has no bat, it's a tied up gal." I thought. I didn't remember my avatar...:D.
I really appreciate your comment about my comments, 'cause I like to work them.
Thank you very much. I'll see if I can post something tomorrow, I've been busy these days attending my brother's shop.


2008-07-21 07:16:19

This checklist is a good idea. I might have to do the same thing to save me from searching for pictures that I drew.

I love your stuff by the way. One of my favourite artists on Newgrounds.

BizarroJoe responds:

Thanks a lot. Indeed, It'd be more useful for you cause you make way more comment posts than me... But when I found art at last, it was worthwhile.
Hope to see more arts from you in the near future.


2008-08-23 02:15:28

pssst ... I can't wait to see what you drew for the Sketchbook Tour.

How are you holding up under the new work load?

BizarroJoe responds:

same here... But I must warn you it's not really that great... But I was happy to participate anyway 'cause I was especting it since a looong time ago...
... About my job... Well it's quite time-consuming, so I have to wait for the resting days to actually do something. I suppose I'll have to find out a way to deal with that until I turn up with some new project. The tricky part is that I'll have to plan it very well and there'll be a lot of unexpected issues... It has been like that so far.
So, when I'm done with this net session, I'll try to get my hands into something.


2008-08-25 11:44:20

You have some serious talent my man. I am always on the hunt to see if certain people put new stuff up and you are one of them. The lewd cat house banners thread was a gas. I had an idea for one but i am not to good when it comes to the digital art field (thats why i'm taking classes) All you art is amazing.

P.s. I got a kick out of the fairies gone wild thread when it was circulating too.


BizarroJoe responds:

Gosh, thanks a lot...
"The lewd cat house banners thread was a gas"...? Why do I hear that farting sounds of the "Fat Anime Collab" when I read that...?
Anyway, people are encouraged to post if they try their best effort. You wouldn't be the first one to post a pencil sketch. But if you do, remember it'd took ages for me to comment on it, because I like to post with pics. I don't like unnecessary posting for my part. So don't get sad if you don't see me commenting it, I'd do it eventually.
I'm thinking of making some new fairy art, so that thread could be bumped one of these days.
Thanks a lot for posting here. And try to get the most of those classes.


2008-08-28 14:52:38

Ahh these recent doodles and sketches you've been coming out with right now are really showing a more serious outlook on art Would like to see what you'll be doing with your newer projects in the future. I also want to thank you for some of the good Feedback on some of the things I've done in the Doodlage and 15 minute sketches in the past they have become pretty easy to understand in one paragraph not short but quick to the point .

BizarroJoe responds:

Well, anyway I try to get the most of my comments...
About my latest pics, I'm just trying to work on my weakest points... If people see you drawing, the first thing that comes to their mouths is "Draw ME!!!"...
... And I'm just tired to say them, "No, I can't" and hearing afterwards: "No, you aren't drawing me because you're an ASSHOLE."


2008-09-01 13:45:42

Well you must be in high demand when it comes to your drawings especially when you're one of the most celebrated on here I'm getting a bit bored out of my mind trying to wait for some feed back to my stuff.
What do you mean by weakpoints?

BizarroJoe responds:

I mean reference ANYTHING from reality. I always liked cartoons to look like cartoons, but drawing good from a real-life reference is an exercise we're all supposed to master just for the fact of taking a pen and a paper to draw.
That's why I'm trying to overcome that. To be a better draftsman.


2008-09-22 14:15:42

I'm sorry.

BizarroJoe responds:

Why? For spamming my userpage?
In that case, yes; you'd better be.


2008-10-02 22:09:39

are you dead?

BizarroJoe responds:

Comatose is more like it... Work is quite demanding and it has become quite difficult for me to get to answer you or posting...
But I can check the forum everyday from my workplace, so, you all must know that I'm wacthing you... And as you can see, I'll respond eventually.
Sooner or later, I'll manage to find a way to post more regularly... Thank you for caring about my welfare, I really appreciate it.


2008-10-17 15:06:37

keep on drawing you spanish artzilla.
your art have a unique touch to it, and it's always sweet to see what you've drawn next in the 15 minutes thread.
though you need to add some gravitation to dem titties >:U
lol, j/k. keep up the good work so my eyes can stare at your drawings with glee.

BizarroJoe responds:

Well, thank you for the kind comments and the visit card!
I'm going to watch some videos of bouncing babes on trampolines to fix that issue.
I'll try to do my best, ok?


2008-10-22 08:42:21

Be sure to study them carefully as they bounce.. bounce... bounce...
oh sorry, I forgot what I was doing.

BizarroJoe responds:

Oh, did you say something?
I was watching those boobies, sorry.


2008-11-29 11:56:44

http://tehspicypineapple.newgrounds.c om/news/post/230966

Think this is fair, Joe?

BizarroJoe responds:

Sorry for taking so much time in answering, I've been hell busy lately and...
...Well, I can't see the point of insulting people on a BBS (Hey, everybody lose their temper sometimes, it's perfectly understandable.) and then act like being proud of getting banned. I don't know the whole story, because I seldom go out the Art Forum, so I don't want to talk from my arse. But, Spicey... I smell something fishy here... And it's not coming from Poozy's house...


2009-01-22 10:12:01

U are one awesome artist!

BizarroJoe responds:

Gee, thankjeeewww...
How come that you visit here? I've been quite silent recently because of work and an upcoming project I'm working on...
By the way, for being so young, you have some nice skills. Keep being so active in the Art Forum and maybe you'll have one of those "quality bumps" that constant artists have once in a while... I'll be looking forward to it, becuase I know it'll be quite interesting.


2009-01-25 18:49:54

Hey BizarroJoe, nice entry on the Sketchbook Tour 08! Although i have a feeling ive seen it somewhere before, it looks kinda familiar... hm. Well whatever i aint gonna take any chances at spoiling it lmao.

Im gonna skim through your links thoroughly later. Great work. :)

BizarroJoe responds:

What happened is that is was nothing that original. I got a creative block and I got scared to death with ruining the only sheet we had (I tried to look for similar paper in order to make a test, but I couldn't find any.). Then my new hob chance arrived, so I got run out of time suddenly. So I just cut out the first nice drawing I made on a regular paper and pasted it on the sheet. I feel so ashamed...
...But I noticed that it was a technique that could bring interesting outcomes when used smartly. So, I got in my mind to put it to a better use next time...
Thank you for your interest and keep your chin up. Don't let the dark clouds make you quit your hopes.

P.S: I thought of you recently, 'cause I'm playing Digimon World DS now and I have the chance of getting a Renamon now. I also thought of that FUKKINPOSER of ScorpianX... DAMMITHE'SNOTATRUDIGIMONFANIHATEE MSOMUCHITHURTS.
Well, em, sorry. Anyway, Best of wishes.


2009-04-10 21:23:01

Hey BizarroJoe! Just dropping by again to check. I finally got my mood together and went through your links, like i promised (phew). And just as i expected, its just too much for words to describe about your artwork. In all pure and humble honesty: i am in love with your stylish work. Always have since 07, and always will. Where do i even start? Heres a short summary.

A lot of your characters are quite compact, like chibis. But even cuter. : > Its BizarroJoe style. Pointy feet and thick thighs. :O Other than that, you got hella lot fancy style up your sleeves. Your Robocop drawing is one example. Really really slick.

And your pinup girls... i uh... they are incredibly sexy. Wow. Especially them cathouse banners, very pro from a pro artist like yours truly. You happen to hit my WEAK SPOT. Which is BIG BUTTS. I am VERY fond of BIG SEXY BUTTS. As if you read my mind. Congrats Joe, you have taken full control of my imagination. I love you.

Your style is so sturdy in all of your drawings. Many of them have strong stylish influence from PPG (the powerpuffs). Excellent line strokes, very sturdy. Whether its comic, banners, posters, vector etc. You have done em all. A multi talented artist, thats you. Also i absolutely LOVE your doodles. Such a strong decisive style. Awesome redesigns. Anatomy is top notch too. Especially butts. Gotta love them butts.

As for your chicks with dicks... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

All in all, you are some of the most gifted artists ive ever met on NG and will continue to remain a big fat favorite of mine :D Totally mind blowing. You must be running pro with your skills. I cant believe youre still unemployed. >:\ Ive never forgotten about you though, and never will. I drop by here 3-4 times every month. Been also wanting to leave a comment like this for 3 months now. And here it is. I am surprised that no one has left you any new comments yet since mine. Oh well, allow me to respond on your response:

I was nervous too the first time i participated in the sketchbook tour 07. The last thing i wanted was to fuck up my entry. But still what you did in last years tour, it was interesting to just look at. No really. As if it was a piece of a collage. Something bolded out in order to create a some sort of an artistic aspect which isnt only consisted of a mere doodle, but only that it was half way finished. So yes youre quite right, if its used in a right way then you will actually be able to put something more together something more advanced and expressional for example. At least you came up with a small improvization that can give your future ideas a jolt. Small steps might evolve into something bigger and craftier. :)

It warms my heart to know that you actually still remember me from time to time. :') I guess thats the thing about us as Digimon fans. We oughta stick together!

And LMFAOO!!!!!!! I had no idea you hated ScorpianX0, until now. Hah. Well welcome to the club then, BJ. He used to be my friend until he gradually revealed his true self and in the end i went kamikaze on his ass for his twofaced attitude, now hes mad and calls ME ignorant. A word he likes to use a lot. Fucking shitbag. What can i say, hes dumb as a sack of rocks. f

Anyways i finally took time to come back and write all this. It was a promise right, i kept it ;) Thanks for the wishes man, i look forward to brighter days. I dont know for sure yet... still i appreciate your encouragement, a lot. : >

Also butts.

BizarroJoe responds:

That's what happens when you can't access to the web freely. Somebody drops a comment and you can't answer as quick as it deserves. Sorry about that, pal.
After reading your comment, my eyes get all watery... I mean, thank you *sniff*. I didn't know that you liked my drawings so much... Sometimes, you're all moody and somebody unexpectedly shows up and cheers you up and... *honk*.
Thank you for your kind comments. You're quite right when it comes to my influences. But there's more, of course. You'll spot them eventually.
I have to update these links... I also have to change the look of this page also! I'll see if I can get a nice new banner... Anyway, the "Posts" link will work fine if anyone wants to check any work of mine not highlighted in here, 'cause I always try to post with an image.

? Well I've got more lovely hermaphrodites in the sleeve waiting to shoe up in any moment. Just have some more patience.

And for the ScorpianX0 affair... I was just fooling around in my comment, I didn't really hated him, but the guy made some things in his first days here that I disliked a lot, like:
- Posting the same image several times in the Forum (Sometimes in the same thread, I think), hence, almost incurring in Image whoring.
- Making a lot of text-only posts in his thread... It's okay to respond comments, but you have to be careful not to clog your thread with lots of image-void posts of YOUR OWN. As far as I know, you aren't awarded with an official NG Lv. 02 Lollipop for making a lot of posts, and, when you do that on threads you've participated on, it looks like you're desperate for attention. Absolutely a no-no.
- What's that bullshit of "I don't like the Digimon series..."? And something about mixing Digimon with Mortal Kombat being cool...? Urrrrghhh... Don't feel fine right now... gotta reach the toilet...
Still, that's my point, so I kept that to myself. I had no idea that it had gotten to his head so much... Meh. He'll get what he deserves. I hope.

I'll try to have some fresh art made soon. Until then, take care, my mate. and thanks again. ;)


2009-05-30 17:25:56

These are good! I especially like the Cathouse Banners. :)

BizarroJoe responds:

Much appreciated. I took so much time in responding you 'cause I want to watch your series and comment on it here. But I'm having very little time on the net nowadays and I've been unable to watch it properly. Anyway, when I'm done with it, I'll make you know, promise.


2009-06-15 22:21:35

You should've entered the Power of 3 Event. Your art style would be so awesome in a game and it's a great way to start going into the flash world.

BizarroJoe responds:

Didn't know how it really worked, but when I saw the captions in your userpage blog, I felt really envious and I regretted not entering in it...
But as far as I know, it's something like teaming up to make a freakin' good flash project, isn't it? I didn't entered because, in my actual situation, the chances of becoming a burden for the team are unbearably high. Luckily, this could change on the second half of this year, so, I'll try to get ready to enter the flash scene until then.
Sending you a big hug, pal. Don't feel a stranger here.


2009-06-22 15:36:55

Sending love and salute your way, just letting you know you aint forgotten and i sure as hell wont forget either :)

how is your current sketchbook tour entry turning out for ya?

(Updated ) BizarroJoe responds:

Oh Gawd.
Feel like walking the green mile.
(This post will be updated briefly. We beg you patience. Thanks.)
UPDATE: SketchBook Tour '09 sheet finished and already sent.
There's a preview hidden in the Art Forum thread.
Oooph... I thought I couldn't make it...